Saturday, August 24, 2019
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The Department of Neuropathologyis manned by ateam of highly qualified faculty to provide comprehensive diagnostic service to patients. The lab is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and employs welltrained laboratory personnel to carry outa wide range of sophisticated neuropathological tests on brain, spinal cord tissues, muscle and nerve, required toensure accuracy of diagnosis. The lab is provided with the resources of an academic and teaching institution for delivery of quality pathology services, toensure timely and clinical useful results that are in best interests of patient care.

Manpower development is core part of the departmental mandate occupies a large proportion of the work schedule. Regular teaching programs for teaching neuropathology to postgraduatesforms core curriculum. Post doctoral fellowships (in Neuropathology and Tranfusion medicine), PhD programs, CME and workshops, are conducted.DM in Neuropathology is being initiated. The faculty also serve as national and international resource neuropathologists for various teaching programmes.

Research, encompassing both basic and translational aspects, is an essential component of the academic programwith active interdepartmental and inter-Institutional collaboration. Research work is essentially focused onneurooncology, CNS infections including HIV/AIDS, neuromuscular disorders, neurodegeneration, and neurosychiatric disorders. Several publications in national and international journals and awards have been received by faculty and students.