Saturday, August 24, 2019


Projects undertaken by department:

Sl No. Name of Project/Title Investigator Total duration Funding Agency Total funding Status
1 Role of pulsed magnetic field therapy in healing of pressure ulcers in a neurological rehabilitation set up: A complete randomized double blind trial Dr. Anupam Gupta: Principal Investigator 6 months Non-funded project NA Completed June 2007
2 Motorized Wheelchair Dr. Anupam Gupta: committee member R&D project conducted by C-DAC Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India      
3 Long term assessment of neurogenic bladder following myelopathies by repeated urodynamic study & correlation with neurological & functional recovery Dr. Anupam Gupta: Principal investigator 18 months Non-funded project NA Completed September 2011
4 Rasayana therapies of ayurveda as an adjuvant to optimized conventional management of dhatukshayajanyaSarvangavata (progressive supranuclear palsy): Assessment of clinical, pulmonary and cardiac autonomic parameters Dr. Anupam Gupta: Co-Investigator Started in July 2011 Centre for Clinical Research for Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS) Rs. 57 lacs Ongoing
5 Barriers to admission & discharge in rehabilitation unit for spinal cord injury patients: Retrospective study conducted by International SCI study group consisting of 12 centres across the 6 continents exploring the barriers Dr. Anupam Gupta: Co-Investigator Since 2011 Non-funded project NA Ongoing
6 International retrospective comparison of non-traumatic spinal cord injury rehabilitation outcomes Dr. Anupam Gupta: Co-Investigator 3 years, started 2011 Non-funded project NA Ongoing
7 Comparison of antipsychotics for non-neurological adverse effects- Pilot study Dr. Anupam Gupta: Co-Investigator One year NIMHANS Rs.2.5 lac Ongoing