Monday, October 15, 2018


The Neuroradiology Department was started in the year 1958 along with the Neurology and Neurosurgery Departments. This was started by Dr. K.MahadevanPillai, who was appointed as Associate Professor of Neuroradiology. The Department was started in an extended room attached to one of the pavilions of the Psychiatric Wards. This room was specially designed for the purpose of radiological work. Dr.K.M.Pillai was trained in UK and Sweden, & had the experience of neuro-radiological work at Madras and was able to do the specialized techniques like cerebral and spinal angiography, ventriculography, pneumoencephalography, pneumomylography etc., He was very efficient in developing the Department. He continued the work as an Associate Professor then as Professor until September 1962. Subsequently, for over a decade the Department was managed by Dr. Narayan C.N., and Dr. Abdus Shaheed who had the special aptitude for radiology. The Radiographers viz., Mr. Patalay and Mr. Patil who were trained by Dr. Pillai gave very good support in bringing out good quality work until 1973 when Dr. N.C.Gupta came on deputation as

Assistant Professor of Neuroradiology. He took part in Teaching Programmes and under his vision Neuroradiology was allotted an the currently housed independent area in the neurocentre building. In the year 1977, Dr. B.Vasundhara Devi, was appointed as a Lecturer in Neuroradiology and subsequently in the year 1979, the Department was further strengthened by the appointment of Dr. B.Y.T.Arya, who joined as senior resident and later on became Additional Professor and the Head of the Department and since then the department is functioning with regular faculty members.

Dr Mahadevan Pillai

Dr BYT Arya

Dr Jayakumar PN

Dr.MK Vasudeva

Dr Jerry ME Kovoor