Tuesday, November 13, 2018
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Who we are - staffing


Dr. Santosh K. Chaturvedi

Designation: I/c Head of the Department  

Areas of Research Interest: Cancer and Mental Health; Psycho oncology; 

Chronic Pain & somatization; Pain Psychosomatics;

Consultation Liaison Psychiatry;  

Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Cross cultural aspects mental health;

Postgraduate training;

Ethics; Evidence based medicine & systematic reviews;

Contact: 080-26995155

Email: chatur@nimhans.ac.in 


Dr. K.S.Meena

Designation: Associate Professor

Area of Research Interest: Major Psychiatric Disorders, Suicide Prevention, School Mental Health, Community Mental Health, IEC materials

Publication List: Link to faculty page

Contact: 080-26995156

Email: meenaksiyer@gmail.com


Technical staff:

1. Sri. Vasudeva Manja, Senior Photographer/Videographer

2. Smt. R.Lakshmi, Photographer/Videographer

3. Sri. Sripathacharya, Artist

4. Sri. Rajeev. V, Artist

5. Sri. Ravi, Photographer/Videographer

6. Sri. A. Michael, Darkroom Attender/Video assistant

Administrative and Support Staff

1. Smt. Srirathnamma. T, Clerk

2. Sri. A. G. Sekhar, Office Assistant



Department of Mental Health Education

Ground Floor, M. V. Govindaswamy Building

NIMHANS, Bangalore - 560029

Phone: 080-26995157/5155

Email: education.health @gmail.com