Wednesday, June 19, 2019


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Radiation and Environmental Biophysics (Full-Text: 2002-Current; Embargo: 12 Months delayed)

Radiation Oncology (Full-Text: 2009-Current)

Radiation Research (Full-Text: 2012-Current; Embargo: 6 Months delayed)

RadioGraphics (Full-Text: 1981 - Current)

Radiology (Full-Text: 1999 - Current)

Radiology and Oncology (Full-Text: 2007-Current)

Re Learning Times (Full-Text: 2000 - 2002)

Re:View (Full-Text: 1990 - 2008)

Reactions Weekly (Full-Text: 2008-Current; Embargo: 12 Months delayed)

Reading Psychology (Full-Text: 1999 - Current*; Embargo: 18 months delayed)

Reclaiming Children and Youth (Full-Text: 1998-Current)

Recorde (Full-Text: 2008-Current)

Regenerative Medicine (Full-Text: 2006-Current; Embargo: 12 Months delayed)

Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (Full-Text: 1998- 2009)

Regulatory Peptides (Full-Text: 1995 - Current)

Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin (Full-Text: 1990 - 2008)

Rehabilitation Nursing (Full-Text: 1998- 2013)

Rehabilitation Oncology (Full-Text: 1999 - Current)

Rehabilitation Oncology (Full-Text: 1999-Current)

Rehabilitation Process and Outcome (Full-Text: 2008-Current)

Rehabilitation Psychology (Full-Text: 1972 - Current)

Remedial & Special Education (Full-Text: 1993 - 2008)

Remedial and Special Education (Full-Text: 1997 - 2010)

Remedial and Special Education (Full-Text: 1997- 2010)

Renal Society of Australasia Journal (Full-Text: 2008-Current)

Report on Healthcare Information Management (Full-Text: 1999)

Reproduction Humaine et Hormones (Full-Text: 2010-Current)

Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology (Full-Text: 2009-Current)

Reproductive Health (Full-Text: 2009-Current)

Research and Development in Medical Education (Full-Text: 2013-Current)

Research and Theory for Nursing Practice (Full-Text: 1987-Current)

Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders (Full-Text: 2007-Current)

Research in Developmental Disabilities (Full-Text: 1995 - Current)

Research in Education (Full-Text: 2000 - Current)

Research in Gerontological Nursing (Full-Text: 2008-Current)

Research in Healthcare Financial Management (Full-Text: 2004- 2009)

Research in Human Development (Full-Text: 2004 - 2014)

Research in Veterinary Science (Full-Text: 2001-Current; Embargo: 2 Months delayed)

Research Journal of Immunology (Full-Text: 2012-Current)

Research Journal of Microbiology (Full-Text: 2011-Current)

Research Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Full-Text: 2012-Current)

Research Journal of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms and Technology (Full-Text: 2012-Current)

Research Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry (Full-Text: 2012-Current)

Research journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics (Full-Text: 2012-Current)

Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology (Full-Text: 2012-Current)

Research on Social Work Practice (Full-text: 1999-Current)

Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport (Full-Text: 1992-Current)

Respiration (Full-Text: 1998-Current; Embargo: 12 Months delayed)

Respiration (Full-Text: 2013 - Current)

Respiration Physiology (Full-Text: 1995 - 2002)

Respiratory Medicine (Full-Text: 2003-Current; Embargo: 2 Months delayed)

Respiratory Medicine CME (Full-Text Complimentary: 2008 - volume-106, Issue-12, 2012)

Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology (Full-Text: 2002 - Current)

Respiratory Research (Full-Text: 2009-Current)

Results in Immunology (Full-Text Complimentary: 2011 - Current)

Results in Pharma Sciences (Full-Text Complimentary: 2011 - 2014)

Results in Physics (Full-Text Complimentary: 2011 - Current)

Retrovirology (Full-Text: 2009-Current)

Retrovirology: Research and Treatment (Full-Text: 2008-Current)

Review of Development Finance (Full-Text Complimentary: 2011 - Current)

Review of General Psychology (Full-Text: 1997 - Current)

Reviews in Clinical Gerontology (Full-Text: 2001 - Current)

Reviews in Clinical Gerontology (Full-Text: 2001-Current)

Reviews in Endocrine & Metabolic Disorders (Full-Text: 2000-Current; Embargo: 12 Months delayed)

Reviews in Medical Microbiology (Full-Text: 1993 - 1999)

Reviews in Medical Virology (Full-Text: 1997- 2007)

ReVision (Full-Text: 1990 - Current)

Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem (Full-Text: 2013-Current)

Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical. (Full-Text: 1967-Current)

Revista de la Facultad de Odontología Universidad de Antioquia (Full-Text: 2011-Current)

Revista de Medicina y Cine (Full-Text: 2013-Current)

Revista de Ortopedie si Traumatologie a Asociatiei de Ortopedie Româno-Italo-Spaniole (Full-Text: 2010- 2012)

Revista de Pesquisa, Cuidado é Fundamental Online (Full-Text: 2012-Current)

Revista do Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo (Full-Text: 1998-Current)

Revista Internacional de Ciencias Podológicas (Full-Text: 2007-Current)

Revista Latinoamericana de Psicopatologia Fundamental (Full-Text: 2010-Current)

Revista Odonto Ciencia (Full-Text: 2008-Current)

Rheumatology International (Full-Text: 1997-Current; Embargo: 12 Months delayed)

Roeper Review (Full-Text: 1990 - Current*; Embargo: 18 months delayed)

Romanian Journal of Urology (Full-Text: 2009- 2012)

Rorschachiana (Full-Text: 1993 - Current)

Royal Society of Medicine (Great Britain). Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine (Full-Text: 2001- 2006)

Running & Fitnews (Full-Text: 2003 - 2005)

Running & Fitnews (Online) (Full-Text: 2007 - Current)

Rural Special Education Quarterly (Full-Text: 2002 - Current)

Rural Special Education Quarterly (Full-Text: 2002-Current)