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M.Phil Course

  • Two year regular fulltime course
  • Lectures. class-seminars and self-study assignments pertaining to the syllabus/coursework
  • Work in a multi-disciplinary team
  • Emphasis on clinical training: work with patients in in-patient and out-patient settings
  • Rigorous training to develop competency in diverse psychological assessments and therapies
  • Receive one-on-one supervision from faculty with respect to patient care, specifically, assessments and therapies
  • Participate in psychotherapy group-based training in addition to one-on- one supervision
  • Trainees go through a rotation of different clinical postings to get an exposure to specialty areas in clinical psychology
  • Present and participate in departmental case conferences, seminars and journal clubs and interdepartmental  teaching programs
  • Receive exposure to research by working on a dissertation as part of the course requirement