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The Centre for Addiction Medicine will conduct a one-month orientation programme on substance abuse management in November, 2017.

Areas that will be covered include epidemiology of substance use, comprehensive assessment, acute and long-term management, motivation enhancement, pharmacotherapy, and counselling for relapse prevention.  Specific areas like vulnerability, co-morbidities, harm reduction, special population groups will also be covered.
The programme will include didactic lectures, role play, group work and skills training.

Course fee is  5000 INR for medical professionals and 3000 INR for non-medical professionals. This does not include accommodation/food charges. 

Applicants must mail us a brief Curriculum Vitae and a 250 word summary on how they intend to apply the skills that they learn through this programme. Kindly mail your resume to

No applications will be entertained after the 20th of October 2017.Only a limited number of candidates can be selected to participate in this programme

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                                                                                    Tentative List of topics in STOP 2017
1. Overview of Substance Use Disorders
2. Understanding Addiction as a disease
3. Psychosocial theories of Addiction
4. Alcohol dependence :  A public health problem
5. Assessment of Alcohol Use Disorders
6. Management of Alcohol Use Disorders
7. Medical and Psychiatric Complications of Alcohol Use
8. Nicotine Use Disorders and its Management
9. Cannabis use disorders and Management
10.Opioid use Disorders and its Management
11. Inhalant abuse and benzodiazepine abuse disorders
12. Behavioural addictions
13. Substance use among women
14. Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse
15. Dual Diagnosis
16. Motivational Interviewing
17. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Substance use Disorder
18. Relapse Prevention
19. Harm reduction Approach in Management of Substance use Disorders
20. Self help groups
21. Role of Yoga in Recovery from Substance Use Disorders (Theory and Demonstration)
22. Family interventions in Substance Use Disorders
23. Group therapy in Substance Use disorders
24. Mindfulness based Interventions in Substance Use Disorders
25. Empowering adolescents with life skills education in schools
26. Occupational therapy in Substance Use Disorders
27. Role of toxicology in management of substance use disorders and visit to the laboratory
28. Legal aspects of substance abuse
29. Running a De-addiction centre
Kindly let us know if you would like to include any other topic of your interest. We will try to accommodate a few more.