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1.Helping persons with substance abuse Medical officers manual
2.Psychosocial Interventions for persons with substance use: Theory and Practice Psychosocial intervention cover   psychosocial intervention 2 
3.Starting a Tobacco Cessation Clinic This is a booklet that discusses the ways to initiate the tobacco cessation clinic in the clinical practice. Professionals like dentist, pulmonologist, general physicians, cardiologist do see people having tobacco problem. This booklet is a step wise guide to initiate a tobacco cessation clinic.
4.Manual for Training in Tobacco Control: Manual for Tobacco Cessation. Ministry of health and Family Welfare, 2005
5.Thematic Pamphlets UNODC
These are small and precise pamphlets discussing about various aspects of substance use disorders. These pamphlets are developed by UNODC in collaboration with different experts in India. These can be downloaded and used by any professionals interested in substance use disorder.

6.Patient booklets on drug abuse

  1. Tobacco Cessation: A Manual for Nurses, Health workers and other Health Professionals. WHO-SEARO 2010.
  2. Helping People Quit Tobacco: A Manual for Doctors and Dentists. WHO-SEARO (2010).
  3. Awareness Pamphlets: smoking alcohol  substances