The Centre for Addiction Medicine offers treatment services for persons with difficulties arising from the misuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. The clinical services include out-patient consultations and inpatient treatment for substance use disorders: alcohol, nicotine (smoking and chewing tobacco), cannabis, opioids (including cough mixture and pain medicines) and other drugs; as well as for behavioural addictions (gambling, Internet, sexual addictions).

Treatment philosophy


The Centre for Addiction Medicine, NIMHANS has a strong focus on research since its inception. The research directions have been shaped, both by its location as the Regional Resource Centre for South India as well as the research interests of the individual faculty.


Addiction Medicine has also been involved in:
1. Training medical and non medical professionals within the ambit of the professional courses at NIMHANS, in various aspects of substance abuse.
2. The Centre is initiating a one year post-doctoral fellowship in Addiction Medicine. Details will be posted on this site
3. The Centre for Addiction Medicine offers a one month orientation course in substance abuse treatment for medical as well as non-medical professionals